Advisory Board

 Professor Piyush Kumar Sinha

Professor Piyush Kumar Sinha is a faculty in the area of marketing and retailing. He has more than two decades of academic and industry experience. He has taught at leading management schools of India. Prior to joining IIMA, he was the Dean at MICA. He teaches Retailing and Marketing Management to the post graduate students. He also offers courses on Marketing Management and Consumer Behaviour to the Ph.D. students. He is the Chairperson of the Centre for Retailing at IIMA. Dr. Sinha conducts training programmes for senior managers in the area of Marketing, Retailing and Sales.

These programmes have been conducted as open as well as company-based customised programme for several companies dealing in service, consumer products and industrial products. Dr. Sinha has consulted companies in the areas of retail efforts, service management, marketing strategies, and marketing communication. His clients include companies from engineering, software, media, petroleum and retailing. He is working with some of the leading retailing companies in India. The projects include loyalty programmes, enhancing the performance of the outlets and redefining the role of the outlets in the new environments.

During his corporate tenure, Dr. Sinha has headed the marketing function of some of the leading companies. His responsibilities, at one of the companies as its Marketing Manager, included setting up the network of service outlets for a utility company.