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For Media Owners

Media clients of Adspace have benefited by reaching out to a much larger base of clients and larger geographical market. They have been to exploit their inventories better, quickly ramp up revenues and grow at least 20% faster than their previous rate. Adspace offers following quick advantage.


No Selling:
You can now focus your efforts on your core business operations and turn over ad sales to experienced professionals, with extensive industry contacts. Adspace mart will work to build a suitable proposition, prepare and make advertising sales presentations, and continually strive to achieve the maximum possible return on your ad inventory. It can play a crucial role by developing a large regional client base. It can also evolve a low cost module to target smaller advertisers because pricing for such clients is a key issue.


Leverage inventory of other companies:
Adspace aggregates your media property with that of many other media companies. The packaged offering is much more attractive to an advertiser than any single media avenue. Adspace has a large portfolio of media brands and reaches out to advertisers in a very wide area, delivering higher ad-revenues to its clients.


Reduced costs:
With Adspace Mart working for you there would be no sales staff salaries to pay. Media owners can leave the selling to our trained manpower.